How to switch between full screen and windowed mode

When you connect to TurboLaw Cloud from a Mac running OS X, by default the connection will open in full screen mode - that is, it will take up all of your screen. If you put your mouse at the top of the screen, you will still be able to see the menu bar, but you won't be able to minimize the window or see the dock.

To switch between modes, you can put your mouse at the top of the screen and click the Window menu and choose Full Screen (or you can press ⌘ 1 on your keyboard).

If you want your TurboLaw Cloud connection to start in windowed mode by default instead of full-screen mode, you can edit your connection to make this the new default.

To do this, launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, and select your TurboLaw Cloud connection from the list (single-click only) and then click the Edit button at the top of the window.

Then, at the bottom of the window which appears, un-check the option Start session in full screen.

When you are done, click the X button to close this window. Now whenever you connect to TurboLaw Cloud, it will open in windowed mode instead of full screen.

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