TurboLaw Database Error: "Cannot make changes at this replica"

After updating TurboLaw, you may receive an error message saying that there was a problem with the database, and that a column could not be added to a table. The error message will say Cannot make changes at this replica.

This error message occurs because TurboLaw is attempting to make changes to the database (to add columns for additional information to be stored), but is unable to do so because the database is a "replica."

There are two reasons why this might occur:

  1. You are using the "Work Offline" feature of TurboLaw, and are currently offline.
  2. Your main TurboLaw database is a replica, even though it should not be.

In case #1, when you are using the "Work Offline" feature, TurboLaw can only make changes to the database while you are online. To resolve this problem, connect your computer to your main network, and then choose Work Online from the File menu. This will allow TurboLaw to make the changes to the "master" database  on your network. You can then go back to working offline, and TurboLaw will synchronize the changes to the replica on your computer.

In case #2, this means that your main TurboLaw database is a replica, which it should not be. This can happen (by mistake) for a variety of reasons. If this reason applies to you, you should contact TurboLaw technical support so that your database can be converted back to a regular, non-replica database. (In most cases this can be done by remote and only takes a few minutes.)

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