Registration Problem: Unable to determine 10-digit phone number

When attempting to register TurboLaw, an error message may appear which says:

The automatic registration could not be completed for the following reason:
Unable to determine 10-digit firm phone number.

This may occur even if a phone number has been entered. TurboLaw uses the phone number you entered for your firm in the Welcome Wizard or in the My Firm section of TurboLaw to identify you for the purposes of registration. If a phone number is not entered on the My Firm tab of TurboLaw, then you will be unable to register online.

In some cases, users have entered a phone number, but still received this message. This may be because there were unrecognized characters entered in the phone number, or because the phone number was more than 10 digits long.

TurboLaw automatically strips out common characters such as parenthesis, periods, or dashes, however if you enter uncommon characters in your phone number (e.g., letters or some symbols), or if you enter an extension (e.g., "(800) 518-8726 x3") then TurboLaw will not be able to determine which part of the number is the actual phone number needed for registration.

If you experience this problem, you can just remove the extra characters from your phone number. Then, once TurboLaw is registered, you can re-enter your phone number with the extra characters (as you would like it to appear in documents). Alternatively, you can call TurboLaw Support to register by phone - the number is (800) 518-8726 x2.

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